Harris County Buffalo Bayou Central Plant

The 27,230-square-foot Central Plant is strategically located in downtown Houston between two Harris County and one State of Texas jail. The new facility supplements the existing plant which is at capacity and serves future growth as well as providing support to current buildings. The project also includes the construction of hot water/chilled water distribution piping installed approximately 30 feet under the street level to serve the three adjacent jail facilities.

The plant houses six 1,550-ton water cooled centrifugal chillers, chilled water and condenser water vertical in-line pumps, chemical treatment equipment, and a triplex water softener. A control room with a view of the chiller room area is located on the ground level. A second level houses the main switchgear, two 26.8 million Btuh and one 5 million Btuh fire tube boilers, three vertical in-line hot water pumps, expansion tanks, and side stream filter. The upper level also creates space for storage and expansion.