University of Houston University Center Transformation

Originally constructed in 1967, the University Center and University Center Underground had not been renovated in over 30 years. After undertaking several years of feasibility studies, focus groups, and student interviews, the University defined a $67 million renovation program that would provide an unprecedented level of tier one service to the campus community as the population rapidly approaches 45,000 students. The redevelopment responds to the top criteria, including relocation of the Campus Activities/Center for Student Involvement, enclosing the UC Arbor, improving social and small group study space, allowing 24-hour access to lounge space, and improving the dining options and the outdoor spaces. The transformation includes 90,000-square- feet of new construction and 180,000-square-feet of renovated and adaptive reuse space. Located at the heart of the campus, the new University Center will provide students, faculty, staff, and visitors with spaces for study, interaction, relaxation, recreation, and reflection.