Technology in Our Building Projects

Tellepsen is a leader in the application of advanced technology to the project delivery process. Our fully integrated project management platform allows authorized users 24/7/365 access to all project data through a web-enabled portal. Innovative building information modeling (BIM) and virtual mock-ups allow design and construction professionals to work collaboratively to examine a range of options and simulate an array of scenarios prior to expending valuable construction dollars. Leading edge laser scanning allows us to verify existing conditions and confirm construction accuracy.

Our scheduling professionals prepare baseline schedules that allow our teams to define, monitor and deliver to project milestones while managing the resources required for project success. Building information modeling and scheduling are integrated to produce innovative 4D models that enable us to run multiple simulations on construction sequencing and site logistics. Our fully integrated cost modeling and management system uses leading edge technology for on-screen takeoff, estimating, historical cost data base management and bid day tabulation. The system allows us to store, analyze and select pricing by line item, generating progressively refined estimates from conceptual costs models to guaranteed maximum price (GMP) documents. Advanced technology is further used to enhance the efficiency of the punch list process, coordinating all disciplines through an integrated, handheld platform. Once the as built conditions are documented, we develop comprehensive asset management programs for real time facilities operations and maintenance.